We use water and detergents for washing the body.
Washing the body is done by touch.
Hands or some wash thing touch the body.
I thought that in the future, you can replace standard bathtubs and showers – active fabric.
The fabric adjusts to your body.
Touch them.
Through touching occur washing, rinsing, massage, body examination.
The fabric is an intelligent microorganism.
It has a 4 “chambers,” each of them have a channel inlet and outlet adequate medium.
First “chamber” wash the body and massage them (chosen by us detergents).
The second rinse and dry body (water is discharged in the proper temperature).
Third – moisten body (as in the case of washing, select the appropriate cosmetic). These three “chambers” charge fluid from the main tank, which (in the case of cleaning and moisturizing) we complement.

The fourth “chamber” has the appropriate sensors. By touching our bodies, examine them. This is a basic control, which checks if under the skin we don’t have tumors.
This control is directed to women, to examine the body prophylactic (especially breast) to the disease was detected as early as possible.
The product allows for more efficient cleaning, and massaging your body (for women contrary to cellulite, to improve blood circulation).
By the same dosage of water, is very economical. Because it consumes only as much as is necessary.
Care about your health, through prevention examination.
Allows to select a suitable position for themselves.
We can stand and “fabric” surrounds us. We can hook like a hammock and lay on it, while it would wash our body.
The active fabric is mounted in the ceiling with all the equipment afferent tubules.
When we don’t use it, we can push the wall away.
No need to install additional devices in the floor.
The whole mechanism is located on the ceiling.

The whole is controlled by a pilot. Previously, we set the program. And later we relax.

Product is designed for women, active, concerned of health and beauty.
The inspiration for the project were the shower curtain sticking to the body.