Battery ECO is primarily directed at saving water. Observing how people use battery power, note that they often have a problem with the pressure. When you want to just rinse hand, need a small stream, it is often difficult. Water is poured uselessly. ECO is a battery operated differently than those prevailing in the market. It has two knobs, but not the water temperature (hot-cold), but the amount of water pouring (small-lot which is adequate for the size of the wheels).
The closed block are two knobs. Small is used to actuate a small stream of water. Large to run a large stream wody.Przekręcając knob one way or the other, adjust the water temperature. Water poured from the battery through the slit from the bottom of the battery. To start, in the bathtub faucet, shower handset, pull the bottom of the battery. There is a switch to direct the flow of water, the battery or the handset.