Furniture consist of three elements. Design furniture designed to adapt to the nursery, but also you can buy them in private homes. The aim was to create a system of furniture which creates a coherent set used not only for interior space, but was also functional and give new opportunities to have fun and contribute to the development of children’s education. According to the new kindergarten program “Science for Fun”.


The first element of the set is a cloakroom. Serves as any to leave outerwear. It is free-standing, two-sided. At each seat there is a car in which you can leave your stuff or przewieś them to playgroup room. Children in kindergarten often bring their toys out of the house. The truck has to serve as their personal cabinet items.
Cloakroom its abstract form resembles a human figure. Each hanger is designed for the appropriate piece of clothing. Everything has its place. The child thus learns to organize, while the mere act becomes fun. After stripping, preschool goes out of his wheelchair and toys (backpack, books, sandwiches …) to the room. The truck can also be used as a seat. On the back is a place for toys that can Bulo front seat.

The final element of the set is a fun corner, books, fine arts “island miscellaneous”. The primary function of a piece of furniture that meets the storage. But thanks to its irregular form can be used as a table, seat, place of direct play. A child can unwrap their toys to play with them. You may also enjoy these that are already in place. Access to the island on three sides. Each has a different function. The first page has a low little table to which perches on the ground. Playing here takes the form of a loose, depending on the needs of the child.
The next time you cut your child has the best possible access to items półkach.Tu the entire surface of the bottom can sit (sit cross-legged, lie …) and lean on the shelves that end are covered with foam.
From the last page, shelves take the form of a table, on which you can draw, paint, write … For this part of the dostawiona pouf (polyurethane foam, trimmed material), where you can sit comfortably aligning the table.