The product presented, mainly serves as a dishwasher, which is located on the ceiling. When not using it, it does not exist, does not take place. Can function illumination. If we will light it. When not in use than any other lamp illuminates during operation. The product is also our table and a place to
storage vessels.


The product reacts to our movement. As we approach it, and execute the appropriate hand movement, there is a virtual control panel. Select the desired program (covering the table, food preparation utensils, other …). When you select the option “covered to table” product itself unfold for us the dishes. Choose dishes that have to be on the table, and in what amounts. We also set our product so that a combination of our right to appear every day. In addition to eating at the table we can prepare food. As with capping the table to select appropriate vessels needed during work. We can make ourselves aware of your sets, and ask uradzenie for a single dish.

Product at rest and during light use. Illuminates our table. It is a kind of reference to
hearth. Together at the same table can eat the whole family. The color and intensity of light can be adjusted in the options in the control panel. Which of our command comes and goes. Table with dishes can be adjusted to the appropriate height for us.
Depression which is in the middle of the table, it can be used as a tray, this is the place where you can put a meal.

The protrusion, which is also located in the middle of the table is part of the sliding down her legs, then place on a variety of little things that are useful to us in preparing or eating food (wipes, spices …)

After finishing a meal or food preparation, the dishes we no longer needed, dirty after a suitable hand movement product cleans and hides. Leftover food are converted into energy. Inside the dishwasher is a corresponding cleaning surfaces which, without the use of water wash vessel. Dishwasher contains a corresponding set of dishes. The kit is designed for a family of four.