Katarzyna Malec MAOne word: PASSION ~ Katarzyna Malec, Master of Arts, is so passionate about creative, purposeful design that she has simply dedicated her working life to it.

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Industrial & Interior Design at Łódź University.

Multi-faceted in talent, experience and interest, Katarzyna Malec MA demonstrates creative flair in all aspects of ‘Design’ from urban transport to household cutlery. Winner of many awards and design competitions, Katarzyna has designed a new line of cutlery for the highly accredited company Gerlach SA’, she achieved first prize in a prestigious competition for her innovative design ‘SPA-ART’ and played a pivotal role designing an innovative new fabric for the company ROCA fabric.

Katarzyna has a passion for Interior and Architectural Design creating elegance, practicality and ambience as a matter of course with individualism, style and innovative use of space at the forefront of her instinctive design ethos.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with Katarzyna Malec.

Kevin Williams | JAI